TMA thông báo tuyển dụng

R&D department of TMA Solutions is seeking the following positions

1. Machine Learning – Data Analysis Engineer


Joining us as Machine learning / Data Analysis Engineer, you will be involved in all important phases of Big Data application development such as playing with training data (e.g. cleaning, annotating, ordering, etc.), building learning models by using machine learning techniques and analyzing the predictive results. The projects which you will be working on are very various such as social network data, traffic information, bio-informatics domains, etc


Requirement skills:

- Knowledge in Machine Learning techniques: SVM, Neuron network, Knn, Bayesian network, etc.

- Understanding the foundation of math, having knowledge on some of these: Linear Algebra (through Eigenvectors), graph theory, algorithms and techniques in Pattern Recognition/ Image Processing.

- Being good in statistics background with strong emphasis on Data analysis, Regression, and Bayes's Theorem

- Experiencing on statistical tools: SPSS, R language, SAS

- Strong problem solving, analytical skills and willing to learn new techniques, willing to learn new knowledge

- Good English skills: reading, writing and speaking

2. Data warehouse Engineer


Joining our team, you will be involved in Data warehousing, Business Intelligence and data analytics applications. Working with ETL process: Extracting, Transforming and Loading, playing with cube/smart data... in very various domains.

Requirement skills:

- Knowledge in designing/implementing/optimizing/analyzing Database applications

- Knowledge in Data warehouse skills: SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, OLAP, Data Warehousing

- Knowledge in designing ETL Processes

- Knowledge in Business Intelligence tools

- Strong problem solving and analytical skills, willing to learn new knowledge

- Good English skills: reading, writing and speaking

3. Embedded System Engineers


We are seeking many excellent embedded system developers who will involve in IoT projects. Your role is to develop embedded system applications on IoT devices and its ecosystem which are related to many embedded technologies: embedded Operating System (FreeRTOS, embedded Linux...), Sensor communication, IoT protocols: CoAP, MQTT..., communication with FPGA or ASIC chip.

Requirement skills:

- Programming languages: C, C++, Assembly

- Development tools: GCC, GDB, Make features

- Familar with MCU architect: PIC, ARM, AVR

- RTOS-based System Programming: Multi-tasking programming, Synchronisation( e.g. semaphore, mutex...) programming, Message-based events, Having experiences of RTOSes: FreeRTOS, VxWorks, uCOS...

- OS Kernel Programming: Capable of writing device drivers on both Linux and RTOSes

Contact Information

Mr. Bui Quoc Thai

Principal Consultant

R&D department, TMA Solutions

111 Nguyen Dinh Chinh St., Phu Nhuan Dist.

Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

Tel : +84 8 3990 3848, Ext. 5395

Mobile: 0908 654317

Fax : +84 8 3990 3303

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Webs :

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