Computer Science



Field of Study: Computer Science                                          Disciplines:

Discipline Code: 52480101                  

Types of training: Formal

Period of Training:              4.5 years

Management Unit: The College of Information and Communications Technology - Can Tho University

Department: Computer Science

1. Training Objectives

-  Training computer science engineers with extensive knowledge of computer science to apply their skills in real-world problems. After graduating, students will have a solid knowledge in one of the specialized subfields: Intelligent systems, Machine learning & Data mining, Graphics & Computer vision, Safety & security information, and Modeling & system evaluation. Students will have ability to develop their thinking from theory to the reality of building intelligent systems, and capability of applying research into practice as well as the ability to participate in research projects and develop the field of computer science.

2. Output Standard for Training Program

After completing the training program, students will have the knowledge, skills and attitudes as follows:


2.1.1.Knowledge of general education

-         Having general foundational knowledge of theory of Marxism, Leninism and Ho Chi Minh's Ideology, knowledge of social science and humanism, physical education and National Defense Education.

-         Grasping the basic scientific knowledge and mathematics to serve in computer science: Mathematical analysis, Linear Algebra, Discrete mathematics, Probability and Statistics.

2.1.2.Special basic knowledge

-         Basic knowledge of applied mathematics in computer science

-         Basic knowledge of computing theory: possibilities and limitations of the computer.

-         Basic knowledge of the role of computer science in information technology, knowledge of computer architecture, operating systems and computer networks.

-         Basic knowledge of database, database management systems, information systems, knowledge of analyzing, designing and building an information system for organizations and businesses.

-         Basic knowledge of software technology.

-         Intensive knowledge of data structures, algorithms and programming techniques including: structured, object-oriented and logic programming

2.1.3.Specialized knowledge

-         Having a solid understanding in one of the specialized subfields: intelligent systems (artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning); exploring multimedia data (computer graphics – image processing –computer vision); Safety & security information, and Modeling & system evaluation

-         Having programming skills, and knowledge of software development process


2.2.1.Hard skills

-         Applying the knowledge of mathematics and basic science in the field of computer science

-         Using graphics software, image processing, from simple to complex.

-         Having programming skills, the ability to develop from theory to practice, for example, building the intelligent system, and the ability to apply research into practice.

-         Reading, writing, presenting and defending ideas; skills of reading specialized documentation and communicating in a foreign language.

-         Having creative thinking, and critical thinking.

2.2.2.Soft skills

Teamwork: forming groups to work effectively; group operation; group development; team leader, having ability to work cooperatively.


Having positive attitudes in work, having morality and responsibility in work. Professional working style

2.2.4.Position of learner after graduation

-     Students have chances working in: Consultant Company- Design the resolutions for information technology; manufacturing company, outsourcing services, software development and maintenance company; university, college, Research and Technology Transfer Institute belonging to computer science

-     Students after graduation can work in the positions as: programming, analyzing and designing, and testing software

2.2.5.Study Opportunities, enhancement of education level after graduation

-     Build up self-learning and self-updating skill, creativity in work and lifetime learning habit

-     Build up the professional researching skills in computer science and relevant fields

-     Meet the learning requirements at different levels of posgraduate in field of computer Science and relevant fields

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