Software Engineering Department

Software Engineering Department (SED) - a member of the College of Information and Communication Technology, Can Tho University - was founded April 25, 2007 with 10 teaching staffs. Currently, the department has 14 lecturers including 1 Associate Professors, 3 PhDs, 6 Masters, 3 PhD candidates and 1 MSc candidate.

        1. Dr. Thai Minh Truong - Head of Department

        2. M.Sc Tram Huynh Vo - Deputy Head of Department

  3. Assoc.Prof. Hiep Xuan Huynh - Vice Dean

  4. M.Sc. Linh Van Nguyen

  5. M.Sc. Tuyen Thi Thanh Truong

  6. Dr. Bao Hoai Lam

  7. M.Sc. Cuong Huy Phan

  8. Dr. Nghi Quang Huynh

  9. M.Sc. Giang Hoang Cao

  10. M.Sc. Phuong Truc Thi Pham

  11. M.Sc. Lan Phuong Phan (PhD student, Vietnam)

  12. M.Sc. Danh Nguyen-Cong(PhD student, France)

  13. M.Sc. Hoang Van Tran (PhD student, France)

  14. Eng. Thai Quang Ho (MSc. student, Taiwan)

SED offers undergraduate training program in Software Engineering, conducts scientific research and technology transfer in the areas related to software engineering to meet the needs of human resources and the development trend of the industry. In addition, the department also gives lectures to undergraduate students in: Information System, Network and Communication, and Computer Science; and postgraduate students in Information System.  

To 2020, SED will be a software engineering research unit which plays a key role in training, research and technology transfer in Mekong Delta and the South of Vietnam. The study program will meet standards for curriculum developed by technologically advanced universities in the world. In few years, the department will offer a high quality training program in software engineering for undergraduate students.

The Software Engineering program was implemented in 2007 and based on the Software Engineering program of the Association for Computing Machinery. This study program was submitted to the Ministry of Education and Training and approved. The program was self-assessed in 2008 by the standards of Ministry of Education and Training, in 2010 by the criteria of the Asian University Network, and in 2015 by ABET criteria.   

Our students, after graduating with a degree in Software Engineering at Can Tho University, will be able to:

-          Develop software systems in following directions: embedded software on mobile devices, electronic devices, ...; business management software for agencies, enterprises, ...; agent based software to simulate climate change, transportation, aquaculture, etc; Internet of Things (IoT) applications, sensor networks in monitoring and forecasting environments.

-          Be prepared for either immediate employment as a software engineer or to be prepared to continue in a software engineering graduate program.

-          Be proficient at mathematics, basic sciences and engineering sciences relative to Software Engineering, including fundamental concepts, experimental techniques, and methods of analysis.

-          Analyze, design, code, test, maintain and manage the software projects.

-          Communicate effectively with their peers, customers, supervisors, etc through both written and oral means; and work collaboratively in diverse teams.

-          Have knowledge of contemporary societal issues and the challenge of meeting social, environmental and economic constraints within a global community.

Graduates may have the following career opportunities: Software engineer, programmer, team leader, project manager and researcher.

SED has experienced in presiding over, participating in, and consulting projects that are funded by the university, the government, and the industry. Some projects have been widely deployed and effectively applied in practice, such as:

-          Major national scientific research project in E-learning and distance training

-          OBSNET - Optimizing the Brown Planthopper surveillance network using automatic light traps in the Mekong Delta region, project of the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam

The main research of SED includes:

-          E-learning

-          Data Mining and Recognition

-          Simulation and Modeling

-          Wireless Sensor Network


SED would like to welcome all the support and cooperation from other agencies, enterprises, software companies, universities and individuals in education and scientific research. You, as employers, please come to us to share experiences; to ask and participate in training, assessment, education quality testing. Our department is also willing to cooperate with you in consultancy and software development.


Truong Minh Thai, Dr., Head of the Department

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vo Huynh Tram, MSc., Deputy Head of the Department

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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