Department of network and communication, college of information and communication technology was established in 1998.


  • Offer the undergraduate training program Computer System and Communication.
  • Conduct scientific research and technology transfer in the fields of Computer System, Networking, and Distributed Systems.
  • Covering some typical subjects, namely, Computer Achitecture, Operating System, System Programming, Computer Network, Network Security, Network Administration, Distributed Application Programming, Distributed System Security, Distributed Database.

Department organization

Teaching staff members: 12

  1. Head of the Department: Prof. Dr. Do Thanh Nghi
  2. Deputy Head: MSc. Nguyen Cong Huy
  3. Dr. Ngo Ba Hung - Vice Dean
  4. MSc. Pham Huu Tai
  5. Dr. Phan Thuong Cang
  6. BA. Nguyen Trong Nghia
  7. MSc. Lam Chi Nguyen
  8. MSc. Nguyen Cao Hong Ngoc
  9. MSc. Ha Duy An
  10. MSc. Nguyen Huu Van Long
  11. BA. Trieu Thanh Ngoan
  12. MSc. Tran Thi To Quyen

Research domains

Researching plays a very important role in the future plan of the department, whose research fields are expanded in accordance with the development of Information Technology. For every staff member, research means not only to update knowledge but also their passion, which brings them confidence in their teaching. The department has developed the following research domains:

  • Network Technology
  • Distributed System Applications
  • Distributed Databases
  • Web Technology Development
  • Network Security

Projects on progress

The results achieved over the past years including developing the college network has greatly contributed to the increased knowledge in every lectures, projects and theses, which helps put forwards the teaching to high quality and reality. In addition, the department makes great efforts to put the scientific knowledge into practice. During the last few years, we have conducted a lot of projects at institutional and ministrial levels which marks a new step in research. The current projects aim at computerize the management process of Can Tho university, including:

  • Facility management
  • Personnel Management
  • Working schedule Management
  • International Project management
  • Document and official letter management
  • Online course registration

Research orientation

In the coming time, the department are trying to catch up the news trends of Information Technology from faculties and universities within the country and worldwide. Our orientation is to include:

  • Construction and Standardization of Software Engineering Development Process
  • Open source development
  • Wireless and Mobile networks
  • Online Distributed System Application
  • New Web Technology Exploitation
  • System Safety and Network Security

Collaboration and future plan

The knowledge of Information Technology is too far from our reach. What we have done and are going to do is very modest in the overall development of our college. We really look forward to your coming with the motto “cooperation for mutual development”.


Do Thanh Nghi, Dr. Head of the Department

Nguyen Cong Huy, MSc. Deputy Head

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