Applied Informatics


The Department of Applied Informatics (DAI) is constituted of 17 members: 16 senior and junior lecturers (05 doctors, 11 masters) and 01 technician. It is composed of two specialized divisions: Fundamental Informatics and Applied Information Systems.


In line with the Information & Communications Technology (CICT) College‚Äôs mission, the department is dedicated to the advancement of interdisciplinary-related knowledge technologies and real-world applications. In addition to lecturing basic informatics-related courses to a vast spectrum of first/second-year students in Can Tho University, DAI particularly delivers an high-quality engineer program in applied informatics. Apart from academic activities, DAI's staffs are highly motivated in real-life projects, especially implementing and supplying information technology (IT) solutions for industrial/business organizations.


DAI's vision is to build a strong research and teaching environment that promptly keeps pace with the developments and challenges of the 21st century in the IT domain. The department also strives to build a new under graduate program (MultiMedia Communication) that furnish students with an advanced theoretical and practical foundation of Informatics, aiming to enrich IT-human resources in the Mekong Delta.


We have four main areas of focus for our research within the department:

- Decision support systems

- Machine learning

- Simulation

- Forecasting model

Research activities at DAI focus on addressing practical problems and challenges in numerous specialized domains ranging from complex data analysis to information system development. DAI is also interested in exploring new research areas at the intersection of disciplines such as math-informatics and business intelligence.


Dr. Nguyen Nhi Gia Vinh, Head of the Department

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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